Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming pool cleaning has never been an easy task. It is a crucial routine that helps to keep your swimming pool safe and looking elegant. You just need to hire the experts to have your pool efficiently cleaned. Total Pools pool cleaning services are customized to meet your needs. Our technicians are highly-trained and experienced to offer exceptional pool cleaning services. We always employ the latest techniques in the industry to provide the best services to all our esteemed customers. We have received many positive testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers. We are ready to answer any burning question about professional swimming pool cleaning services. 

What is Included in a Typical Pool Cleaning? 
• Acid levels testing and correction.
• Pumping and weir basket cleaning. 
• Removal of all trash around the facility.
• Backwashing and thorough inspection of the filtration equipment 
• Cleaning waterline tiles.
• Skimmer & pump basket cleaning.
• Brushing and vacuuming.
It is important to and correct it so as to maintain the ideal pool water balance. This test is a vital routine that should be done at least once a week. Acid level testing involves measuring the acidity or alkalinity of the swimming pool water. A pH above 7.0 is considered alkaline, 7.0 is neutral, and below 7.0 is considered acidic. The recommended PH for a swimming pool needs to be within a pH range of
7.0 to 7.6. What happens if your swimming pool is too alkaline? 
• If the pH is too high, swimmers will experience burning sensations in the nose and eyes and the skin will also get dry and itchy. 
• As the alkalinity increases, the ability of chlorine to act on pathogens is compromised.
• Your sand filter will also be unable to trap dirt. In high pH, the calcium carbonate usually plates out on the sand in the pool filter, quickly turning into cement 
• The swimming pool also loses its sparkle and becomes murky or cloudy. 
• Calcification will also be common at the waterline since the calcium in the pool water usually combines with carbonates forming scale at high pH.